Drupal.org integrates with GiLab

Last month Drupal developers got a great news. Drupal.org announced the partnership with GitLab as new tooling provider and started the migration process! 

They’d chosen among three providers GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket, and finally started to work with GitLab. So forty-five thousand projects will be moved to GitLab during several coming months.

We are waiting for three phases of the Migration:
Phase 1: Replacing Drupal.org‘s Git backend
Phase 2: Enabling Merge Requests, Inline Code Editing, and Web-based Code Review
Phase 3: Evaluating Additional Features

The most essential is the second phase. Some key moments:
– adding merge requests, contributing to Drupal will become much more familiar to the broad audience of open source contributors who learned their skills in the post-patch era.
– adding inline editing and web-based code review, it will be much easier to make quick contributions. This not only lowers the barrier to contribution for people new to our community, it also saves significant effort for our existing community members, as they’ll no longer need to clone work locally and generate patches.
– creating a tight integration between the Drupal.org issue queues and GitLab’s development tools, we’ll be able to transition to this new toolset without disrupting the community’s existing way of collaborating.
All of the above will help Drupal developers create sites faster and more efficiently.

Vitaliy Petruhin
Senior Drupal Developer of Bineks

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