A hint to speed up your WordPress site!

Nowdays, all sites’ owners are trying to optomize speed for the end users. One way to do it is using a CDN for images. There are free and paid ready-made solutions on the market. But why to pay if you can jsut use your server and domain?

You need to:
1. set up the subdomain like cdn.my-site.com type
2. then you need to add magic code to your wordpress/functions.php, which will store the image not to uploads folder but, for example, to subdomain cdn.my-site.com, the link to media will be already like: “http://cdn.my-site.com/uploads/…”

Where to get a magic code? There are few on github. Here is one https://github.com/…/wp-ftp-me…/blob/master/wp-ftp-media.php made by pontusab user. We appreciate your work dude!

We need to say, that even famous speed and issues checking site like https://gtmetrix.com/ are explaining the way to speed up your site like that.

Ask us to do it for you to avoid any issues and be sure you ar on a right way!

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