What’s new in WP nowadays?

Hey! Hey! Hey! Our CTO is checking out updates for our tech stack. What’s new in WP nowadays?

Finally, we got a chance to try the new editor, which will be used in a major version of WP 5.0

For now, the leader among the similar builders is
VC(https://visualcomposer.io/). Most probably, Gutenberg will become a part of WP core. In case, it’s functionality will extend, it will become the VC worthy alternative.

These editors are great solutions for the clients who want to not just edit the text, but also play with the page blocks.

As for developers, there is a possibility to extend it with their custom blocks. Here is a documentation: 

For now, some components/blocks are missed to use it fully as well as some bugs are still there.

The editor is actively updating and you can see it on a releases’ page on a GitHub: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/releases

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