How to improve your Behance portfolio: 6 lifehacks

1) Quality
Publish just a highly-qualified project. All images should be in a high-resolution and distinct. In a perfect world it will be 1400px wide or more

2) Quantity (no!)
Your project should be interesting and eye-catchy for the industry. Don’t publish things just for an amount! 

3) Length
Project should have the right size. Would be perfect if 6-20 images without repeating or 3-4 screens down.
4) Content
Be sure that:
users will see the details and the process of project creation
all project’s creators are mentioned
the presentation structure is well-balanced
there is a good cover without text

5) Right category 
Choose your project area right while publishing it. That’s important as the curator of this category will check your work out. 

6) Comment and rate(like) others
Use Behance as a social network.Don’t use just “cool” or “amazing” while commenting. And I bag you not “check out my project: (URL)”!!! Check the author name through Google and send him the sincere message. In case you’ll reach your goal and this design guru will like or comment you, then all his subscribers will see your work in top too! That’s a very good PR for you.

Designer of Bineks 
Gvozdeva Anastasia

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