• How to improve your Behance portfolio: 6 lifehacks

    1) QualityPublish just a highly-qualified project. All images should be in a high-resolution and distinct. In a perfect world it will be 1400px wide or more2) Quantity (no!)Your project should be interesting and eye-catchy for the industry. Don’t publish things just for an amount! 3) LengthProject should have the right size. Would be perfect if 6-20 images without repeating or 3-4 screens down. 4) ContentBe sure that:users will see the details and the process of project creationall project’s creators are mentionedthe presentation…
  • Programmers’ Day!

    Programmers are really special, and even the date of their professional holiday is not random at all. For the usual people, today is just Sept, 13th, but for us it is the 256th day of a year (the very developers' number - do you know why?!) - it's Programmer's Day! :)). So today we are congratulating our special, smart, creative and a bit crazy in a good way devs with the International Programmers' Day!