“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

In these troubled times we would like to wish you to stay safe, tuned, positive, and look through hardship to the stars. Like Winston Churchill said “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and we decided to inspire you to go online with your business today when everyone stays at home and is looking for services to be provided remotely right to their homes.

Here are just some ideas on how to improve your business online during the ‘stayhome’ time that we’ve prepared for you:

Hotel business
If you are in a hotel business – that could be the best time to refresh your website, optimize the booking system to be ready for accepting crowds or visitors tired of sitting home, maybe implement online payments on your website if you don’t have it yet.


This is also a great opportunity for restaurants and cafes to make a solid menu online and develop ordering and delivery functionality that will serve you for the future as well.

Travel agencies
This would be the best time to develop a travel  blog – it will give you twin advantages – you could run google ads and make some money out of it and certainly this will give your website a attrac wide audience that will give you a boost in sales when you are back selling tours. This could also be your chance to think of some interesting sales and loyalty programs that would allow you selling today for the future.

Here we’ve also wanted to share some examples of requests we received during quarantine for your inspiration and that could work for your business:

Our partner – an IT educational services provider – has come up with an idea to develop a portal for online tutoring, nothing heavy and fancy – just a student cabinet, online booking and video seminars. A small step for now but a great perspective for the future as online education is a topical trend and a great market share to cover.

Fitness centers/Gyms/orthopedicians
Another example of a great workaround  – an orthopedic clinic who has just started developing a new one-page eCommerce website with us. This could seem impossible you could say, in time of a strict quarantine how could anyone visit a clinic? The shareholders came up with an idea to sell some easy to handle equipment online alongside online courses with their rehabilitologists and doctors. (This is also a great idea for personal trainers, isn’t it?)

Info websites
This is a time to make your website sell online, collect leads online, provide your services remotely. If you were thinking that you need to go online/improve your online presence some time – this is exactly that time. Right now is the best time to think out of the box and go online with your business which will give a great boost to your business just now and for the future.

We are here to help
Our professional team of developers and managers are at your service here and ready to help you, brainstorm with you and implement the best online solutions for your business. With us you will receive years of our experience in online solutions for eCommerce services, online coaching and tutoring, online bookings, delivery and logistics services and many more at your disposal. Don’t hesitate, contact us today and we’re sure we will make some great things happen together!

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