Digital transformation committee in Zaporizhzhia

Ukrainian new government has organized the first meeting of the Digital Transformation Committee of Ukrainian parliament with a local region. The committee team came to our hometown – Zaporozhye to discuss the most pressing themes of Ukraine’s digital transformation. Together with representatives of profile companies and organizations, including our company Bineks, important topics were raised and questions that concern IT specialists were answered.

Three important areas were discussed:

▪ electronic communications;

▪ development of IT industry and start-ups as a way to increase the country’s investment attractiveness;

▪ Smart City solutions that would improve the quality of life of citizens.

There were interesting discussions and inspirational plans for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. 

In particular, it is gratifying that our country already holds a strong position among the countries providing outsourced IT services, and that the state is taking solid steps to develop this direction. 

We look forward to better education, government support for existing IT companies, more international connections, and more demand from the US, Europe and the world, because our web and software development experts are really one of the best, and our Bineks’ developers only confirm this!

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