To a Sales manager and beyond

IT sales manager position has become extremely popular and much-in-demand. But having met a bunch of different sales managers, I’ve noticed that a lot of them are convinced the job implies only selling and pushing a product to a client. But is that actually so?

I’d say a sales manager should be like a universal soldier, combining the qualities of a sales and marketing manager, as well as a project manager at times, and sometimes even be a super junior developer 🙂 Be able to plan and manage the working time, mediate conflicts if and when they occur, and be as technically fluent as possible when negotiating with a client, without having to bug the developers every single time. All of this will help satisfy the client even more. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

In the long run creating a list of satisfied clients, who are more likely to come back to us, may turn out to be a lot more efficient.
And that’s what we at Bineks are aimed at – creating stablelong-term relations with our clients, by giving them the best product and service. Our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority.

P.S.: Sell long and prosper! 🙂

Vova Zahrebelniy
Sales Manager of 

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