Bineks tips – #1 Sales funnel management

We decided to share some good practices we find useful and easy to use so that you could benefit from them too! Here is a first tip by our Head of sales Tamara:

When you are getting a new level of your sales department and you are in need to choose CRM, Bineks recommends Pipedrive. We are using it to not lose information about our clients – not to make them crazy about follow-ups

CRM has a simple design and great UX so it’s easy-peasy to get started

The best feature there is the activity schedule reminder. When your previous task is done – CRM is showing you the popup to schedule the new one

CRM has a great API to integrate with your PM tool or another tool useful for your company.

It has different plans however even the easiest one is enough to see the great  stats, work with deals, clients info.

One of the good parts is a fully customizable sales funnel as well of all fields of a deal. You can do your own CRM using Pipedrive as a SaaS. The support team is also very responsive and knowledgeable. 

There is also a gamification that makes the process funnier – I love when the deal is won – it shows a firework!

Head of sales
Bineks Tamara Levit

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