Is there a life after the Upwork suspension?

Hey freelancers! Not everyone knows that #Upwork has the term “hold” and “suspension”. Usually, when your account was put on hold – it’s a temporary solution to resolve some problems.

A suspension is something more serious to block your work on a marketplace for a long time/forever. This usually happens when you acted wrongly or against Upwork rules. Sometimes, you are getting a not fair email about the suspension.

Here is a HOWTO instruction in this case:
– read Upwork Terms and Conditions
– check is there any violence against rules in your last week’s messages or bids on Upwork
– check is there anyone who could use your profile in a wrong way
– check are you related to any agency or freelancer who was acted inappropriately to Upwork
– write the email in an answer to that Suspension email
– don’t forget to add documents and the other attachments that are important to resolve your issue. Remember, Upwork is not checking the applications to unsuspend accounts without real reasons and real proofs.

We had a real example when our freelancer was suspended because of “spamming” – he proved that he was right and even received the Promo code for a Membership Plus for 3 months.

Enjoy #workwithoutlimits with @Upwork and @wearebineks team!

Tamara Levit, Head of Sales

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