3 valuable lessons of working with a remote team

I’m sure the COVID has taught everyone some valuable lessons. Certainly, I could say this about our team too. Thus, we wanted to share with you some workflow aspects of working with a remote team that we’ve learned during the quarantine.

1. There should be a common understanding of working hours. It’s important to make sure that both sides understand when is the time for cooperation, issuing tasks, their implementation, and delivery. This helps to manage time and expectations more effectively.

2. Communication rules. When you don’t have an ability to liaise personally face-to-face or in meetings, you need to make sure communication doesn’t get lost, especially when we are talking about full-time employees working remotely. To give you an example of such rules, for instance, in our team we have established a 15-minute rule, which means that except for the lunch time, the response to a call or message through the communication tools we are using should be given in 15 mins.

3. Paying extra attention to hours tracking. When working remotely, it’s necessary to understand that both sides understand the amount of hours needed and spent for the tasks similarly, especially for projects developed on a spent-time basis. This is important as in each case communication with a remote worker can’t be on the same level as with an in-house staff, therefore, you need to keep your hand on the pulse of your project to make sure it is controlled and predictable.

These 3 simple lessons helped us to organize a quite effective remote work with our team, hope it helps you too!

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