• Social Sharing for Vue.js!

    Hey! Do you want to implement sharing viaFacebook Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit Twitter VKontakte Weibo Whatsappon your website?! We’ve checked and tried and recommend a great Vue.js solution for social sharing: https://nicolasbeauvais.github.io/vue-social-sharing/ Nicolas Beauvais (https://github.com/nicolasbeauvais) has done a great job and we highly recommend his component! Bineks CTO, Anatolii Gerasimov
  • .dev domains from Google!

    Great news from Google! Their team has opened domain registration in the top level .dev zone for everyone! The .dev domain is a special space on the Internet dedicated to developers and technologies. You need to submit an application, using the services of a domain name registrar. You can use your own Google Domains service, or contact any other registrar. For anyone who has filled out a form to participate in the ticket raffle for the upcoming Google I /…
  • Checking out Laravel 5.8!

    Attention here! New Laravel version is released. Check out: Integration with PHP dotenvCapabilities to use Carbon v2Cache TTL ChangesDeprecated String and Array HelpersAutomatic Policy Resolution More information could be found here: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-5-8 And many other new features!